About Us


London born and bred Marcus started his prolific career in fashion by studying at the internationally renowned Saint Martin's School of Art. He furthered his passion at the Royal College of Art where he specialised in menswear. His career has spanned the U.K and Europe, working with luxury brands, lavish mail order companies and high street stores. It is his utter love and obsession for socks, alongside a 'nudge' from a persuasive sock-wear factory that lead MrD to start on this most colourful of journeys. His signature eye for detail, passion for colour and innate understanding of fabrics and techniques has driven MrD to create socks in wonderfully versatile ranges.


Knitted in different guages to create a variety of choice. Sporty liner socks, chunky casual socks and smarter fine guage socks. Made from cotton for comfort alongside a hint of nylon and elastane for retention and performance qualities. These luxury socks are for successful men that wish to add personality and individuality to their outfits; whether running an empire, relaxing at home or walking the dog. With each pair of MrD London on your feet you will always look good from the feet up.